Automatic template

With kickstart pro, you can automate the application of the template in new courses.

Simply enable automatic template in the global administration as an admin, and make sure that there's only one template available for the category, role or cohort.

As soon as the teacher opens the course, the template will be automatically applied.

Note: This only applies to non admin users.


How to create a course with Kickstart

Create a course in one of the following ways:

  1. Go to the course category of your choice and click the "add course" button
  2. Go to the course management page, choose the category of your choice and click the "create new course" button
  3. Click the "create course" link in the drawer
  4. Use this link: Create course from template

Please note: the kickstart plugin overrides the normal course creation page for non-admin users with appropriate rights (usually the course creator). It is an option which needs to be activated by an admin. (I.e. if you don't like it, you can simply leave it disabled)

How to create a template

Creating a template is easy.

First, create a course like you want the template to look & work.

Then, make sure that you remove everything which you don't want in the template. Typically, you don't want any enrolled users and dummy data. We recommend working with placeholders.

When you're ready, create a backup of your course and download the .mbz file.

Go to the template management page, give your template a title, description, tags, a preview URL (could be the course you created the template with) and the .mbz file. 

If you're using pro, you can configure the access to the template. 

How to use kickstart as a teacher

Preparation: Create a new course (as admin or course creator) and enrol the teacher(s).

As teacher, simply open the course, and choose from the available templates directly on main course page.

With kickstart pro, template availablity depend on course category, role and cohort.

If required, the teacher can re-start Kickstart by selecting the course format from the course settings.


Template Access

With Kickstart Pro, you can restrict access to a template based on the following criteria:

  1. Category (either including or excluding subcategories)
  2. Role
  3. Cohort

This is very useful if you have lots of templates and of course if you want to provide templates only for specific categories/roles/categories.

Typical use cases could be:

  • Templates per course type (blended vs. online only) if courses are categorised by the course type.
  • Templates by teacher skills (simple vs. experienced), in this case restricted by role
  • Templates for certain courses which already include content, if you have recurring courses.
  • And many more...